While talking about death for many people can be very difficult and confronting, it’s a discussion we all need to have.

Lack of opportunities, capacity or having the confidence to talk about and plan for death are some of the biggest barriers to improving the experience of death and dying.

Planning for death should not be left until it’s too late. It’s important to have meaningful discussions with our families and those important to us about what is important to us.

There are many health services, organisations and health professionals that are directly involved in providing palliative care or end of life care services across our health system. There is also community support, specialist groups and a large number of volunteers that work with health professionals to ensure the end of life care provided to people, their families and carers is of the highest quality.

The development of a new end of life care framework will help us shape a future health system that is person centred and responsive to the wishes of individuals and families.

Whatever the level of need, our goal is to ensure people are well supported, safe and their dignity and comfort is paramount.